A time to express your love

Wow a wedding how exciting, what a special occasion for you both to express your love to each other. I can provide you with all the requirements that are needed to make this special occasion memorable for you both. You may like to write your own vows or make use of my extensive library. We will need to get together to discuss this. There are any number of different ceremonies you can have, here are a couple of popular examples;

  • Rose Ceremony:
    A ceremony where the bride and groom exchange roses, families exchange roses with bride and groom.
  • Wine Ceremony:
    A ceremony where the bride and groom pour wine into a single glass and both drink from.
  • Ring Warming Ceremony:
    This is where the rings are tied and placed on a cushion and passed around the guests to give their blessing to the happy couple before arriving back to the bestman.
  • Sand Ceremony:
    A ceremony where the bride and groom pour different colored sand into a glass container and if there is children involved they also might like to do the same, this can be a symbol of new family unity.

What about putting some fun into your wedding by having a Smartie/M&Ms Ceremony: Have each guest bring a small packet of Smarties or M&Ms and get them to pour these sweets into a glass jar and seal this and present it to the Newly Married couple.

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